Angling For Relief

"Kids fighting cancer don't get to just be kids. Instead of being outside and playing, they are often in hospital rooms and confined to their homes. Fishing is my passion and brings me joy. I want all kids fighting cancer, and their siblings, to be able to just be kids, forget about their diagnosis and find fishing relief through the programs developed by Angling for Relief."

Dry Fishing provides the kids an opportunity to practice casting with a real fishing pole, tying knots, etc. As they continue to get stronger, they can look forward to joining lots of friends who are going through a similar battle at our Fishing is Relief events.

These events are held on land where kids of all ages will have expert angler volunteers, all fishing equipment, protective sun gear and more so they can find some fishing relief. Parents can just "show up" and watch the children reel in the fish and the relief!

-Jake Klopfenstein, 13, Angling for Relief Founder

Inside Edition on angiling for relief