Progress Report

How it started? Out of necessity.

When Finn was diagnosed, our family was your typical dual income household with 2 children in elementary school balancing jobs, homework and weekend play dates. Finn’s treatment required hospital stays every other week, often with fever induced hospital stays in between. In order to have a parent with him at all times I had to quit my job. While our income drastically reduced, our bills were skyrocketing. If it weren’t for our amazing group of family and friends we never would have gotten through it. We were extremely blessed that we could make that decision, however during hospital stays we saw many kids alone because family had to work, they had no other choice. It was truly heartbreaking

It was during one of those hospital stays in 2019 that Finn’s Fighters was born. So 4 years later where are we now? Check out our progress report and see how we have grown!

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